Opening Salvo:

The First Gospel Messages

Day Speaker Scripture Ref Title Video
Friday p.m. Kirk Hinebauch Acts 2:1-11 Setting the Stage
  Matt Hartford Acts 2:15-21 Spoken Through the Prophet Joel
Saturday a.m. Nolan Tewell Acts 2:22-23 The Teaching and Miracles of Jesus
Mondie Villalobos   Tools We Have for Victory
  Marshall Harbour Acts 2:24-29, 32 The Significance of Jesus' Resurrection
Saturday p.m. Luke Wilson Acts 2:33-36
Acts 5:29-32
Power to Transform the Inner Man
  Mark Miller Acts 4:8-12 There Is Power in His Name Alone
Lord's Day a.m. Phil Sutton Acts 3:17-18 His Plan: The Christ Must Suffer
Su Nguyen Acts 2:36-39 Enslaved to a Better Master
Lord's Day p.m. Steve Doty Acts 2:36-39 The Salvo That Shook Heaven and Earth
  Mike Ferguson Acts 2:33-36 Jesus Is Yahweh and Messiah
Monday a.m. Jeff Hostetter Acts 1:3, 6-8 A Special People -- A Special Church
Jay Wilson Acts 2:39 For All Who Are Far Off