Timeless Truths from the Torah

Day Speaker Scripture Ref Title Video
Friday p.m. Jerry Hoffman Fictional History
  Mark Miller   Three Mandatory Feasts
Saturday a.m. Mike Ferguson   Entrust Your Souls to Him
  Phil Sutton   You Can't Just Shut It Off
  Jeff Hostetter   The Great Commandments
Saturday p.m. Marshall Harbour   Cleaning Out the Pit Mud
  Luke Wilson   True Freedom
Lord's Day a.m. Kirk Hinebauch   The Lord's Supper
  Mike Harbour   Complainers Whiners and Rinos
  Steve Doty   I Will Raise Up a Prophet
Lord's Day p.m. Jay Wilson   Balaam Rides Again
Monday a.m. Nolan Tewell   Faith and Logic
  Kevin Simpson Choose Life and Live
  Davis Ashley These Words Shall Be on Your Heart