Majestic Themes from the Messianic Prophet

Day Speaker Scripture Ref Title Video
Friday p.m. Phil Sutton Isaiah 40:1-11 John, with Us, Fulfills O.T. Prophecy
  Matt Hartford Isaiah 59:15-21 Redeemed in Order to Be Transformed
Saturday a.m. Jeff McGraw John 4:27-38 Consider Jesus
  Jerry Hoffman Isaiah 7:14
Isaiah 9:6-7
Isaiah 49:1-7
The Incarnation of Jesus
  Jeff Hostetter Isaiah 31:1-9
Isaiah 32:1
Don't Be Gypped by the Egyptians
Saturday p.m. Mark Miller Isaiah 9:1-6
Isaiah 42:1-10
Affecting a Covenant
  Luke Wilson Isaiah 48:16
Isaiah 55:1-3
Isaiah 35:1-10
Why We Need the Holy Spirit
Lord's Day a.m. Nick Jacobs Isaiah 58:1-14 Doing It His Way
  Mike Harbour Isaiah 53:1-12 Majestic Themes...
  Steve Doty Isaiah 55:1-11 The Gathering of God's People
Lord's Day p.m. Jay Wilson John 1:18
Isaiah 6:1-11
John 12:36-43
He Has Explained Him
Monday a.m. Nolan Tewell Colossians 3:1-4 Things Above
  Davis Asley Isaiah 65:17-25 Beginning with the End in Mind
  Marshall Harbour Isaiah 2:12-22 The Lord Will Have a Day of Reckoning